Thursday, October 3, 2013

What a "State" sale it was!

One recent Saturday afternoon, my husband was running errands and while driving to his next stop, one particular sign caught his eye!

He had to stop!  So he made the turn and approached this small house with a few tables of treasures outside. He instantly saw some yellow bowls on the table and because I have trained him well, he knew that they were Pyrex and for $2, he was happy to snatch them up and bring them home!

The lady running the sale said that the house was open and to go on in and see what else he could find.  So his mind was on finding more Pyrex but he found treasure for himself!  You might say, equivalent to us Pyrex collectors, he found his Starburst!  I have mentioned in several posts, how he is an avid fly fisherman and according to him every stream must be fished!  Well, in the corner of the living room was not one but two antique bamboo fly rods!  We both have kept our eyes out for one at many a sale and antique store, but only to find them priced for at least $100.00!  When he asked her how much she wanted for the fishing stuff in the corner, which along with the fly rods included a net, a reel pole, and tackle box, she said $5!

What a sale that was for him!  I reminded him, "Pyrex leads to great and wonderful things!"  Keep on stopping at those sales!


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