My name is Ranae and I am so glad that you have stopped by to visit my blog! After reading and enjoying so many blogs out there, I decided to push through the intimidation that faced me and join in on the fun! The whole construction of the blog was mind boggling to me and thankfully my daughter, Kylee, had all the know-how and helped me set it up.

My interest in reading blogs has to do with a passion for collecting vintage items, especially Pyrex, at estate sales, thrift stores, antique malls, and garage sales! About one year ago, while visiting with my daughter, she asked me if I knew that vintage Pyrex had become a much sought after collectible. I had no idea my Autumn Harvest Cinderella bowls, that we got as a wedding gift back in 1984, was a hot collector’s item!  After a few clicks on the internet, we were quickly excited about the adventure ahead of us to find as many pieces as possible!

Follow along, as I share not only my hunt for Pyrex, but also my love of life and all that it includes as it finds its place on The Vintage Shelf!

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