Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Let me introduce you to our Golden family...

Over the course of the last 19 years, we have had five Golden Retrievers as members of our family.  First came Hondo and Sundance.  They were brothers from the same litter.
  Hondo passed away just one day before he was to turn five years old due to cancer.  We were all devastated that he was taken away at such a young age.  In order to give Sundance some company and heal our broken hearts, we got not one but two puppies, Rio and Pecos! These two were a welcome addition to our back yard, but boy did we go through dog food!
Several years later, while on an early morning walk with Rio, I was approached by another walker, Melissa, who commented, "What a gorgeous Golden! Is it a male?! Needless to say, our discussion led to Rio and her Golden Molly having a date in her backyard!  Rio, who was more interested in naps and biscuits, was not the best suitor for Molly, so enter Pecos!  Approximately two months later, 10 whimpering puppies were born!

 The first puppy to be born out of that litter was Gunnar.  He was the deepest red Golden of the group and we had no trouble knowing which one he was!  He came home with us, and yes, now we had four dogs romping around in our back yard.

One year later, Molly and Pecos had another litter of 11 puppies, but this time we took the money and headed home!  We still had many mouths to feed!
As the years have passed, Sundance and Rio have passed on to run with Hondo.  Pecos is now 14 years old and slowing down quite a bit.  Gunnar is nine and acts like he is two!  He is my walking buddy, work in the back yard buddy, lets do everything together buddy!

For those of you who are dog lovers, you understand what that special dog, no matter the breed or mix, can do to your family dynamics and your heart.  Everyone of our dogs have had a different personality and have brought so much joy to our home!  Give them a hug...and a biscuit!

Gunnar and Pecos

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