Monday, June 17, 2013

My first post!

Who would have thought that the possibility of finding a 50+ year old dish in someone else's kitchen would get me up out of bed at the crack of dawn to stand in line only to wonder what is on the other side of that front door!

The only Pyrex that I owned a little over a year ago was a set of Autumn Wheat Cinderella bowls that was a wedding gift in 1984 and a couple other clear baking dishes and pie plates. Now after many estate sales, thrift and antique stores, well let's just say, there is a lot of beautiful Pyrex out there!

My first Pyrex  (wedding gift in 1984)

When my daughter, daughter-in-law, and I started hitting up the estate and garages sales last summer, the first estate sale we stopped by had all three of us hooked. Both the girls picked up a Town and Country Cinderella Bake and Serve Casserole dish and I was thrilled to find a Pink Daisy Cinderella Casserole with stand for $25! Even though I felt $25 was high, it was my first find so I had to take it home with me! 

My first Pyrex as a collector

To think that these pieces have sat in someone's kitchen cabinet for so many years and used to serve many a meal and survived is fascinating to me. I would like to believe that these dishes come from a time when life was simpler and when families still gathered around the table in the evening to discuss the days events and what tomorrow held. A time I truly appreciate and try to duplicate in my own home.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my first post! Happy Pyrexing!

Have a great day,

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  1. Great finds! My girlfriend collects Pink patterns and though pink isn't my color, I love pink Pyrex!